Flinders Chase National Park

Flinders Chase National Park only 5km away from Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat,is 34,000 hectares of unspoilt wilderness, cultural heritage sites, numerous lighthouse history and unspoilt rivers and beaches.  It has walks of varying levels of challenge and hikes for hours or even days.

Home to Remarkable Rocks – one of the most captivating views in South Australia. The Rocks which have been carved out and formed after 500 million years of wind, rain and crashing waves, are a ‘must do’ whilst on Kangaroo Island. The Rocks are so remarkable that they’ve become the signature attraction of the National Park, and have become a haven for photographers trying to capture the stunning sunrises and sunsets that frequent these parts.

Remarkable Rocks


Another landmark in the National Park is Admirals Arch – An unusual yet impressive natural wonder created after thousands of years erosion led to the formation of a rock bridge. Becoming the perfect viewing station to observe the New Zealand Fur Seals that reside here.


Walking Trails

There are some fantastic walking trails in the National Park that allow you to encounter wildlife, vegetation and scenery that makes Kangaroo Island so unique.

Platypus Waterhole Walk takes roughly 2 hours to complete and is a 4.5 kilometer return journey. The trail begins at the Flinders Chase Visitor Center and brings you to the famous Waterholes where you can chance your luck at trying to spot a Platypus (see below)



Snake Lagoon Hike Starting at Snake Lagoon, this popular trail winds through Sugar Gums and mallee before descending into the Rocky River valley. The trail crosses Rocky River and meanders along its bank to the mouth, providing spectacular views through the valley and across the Southern Ocean. The trail is 4.2 Kilometers long, taking roughly 2 hours to return. Snake Lagoon is 9km from Flinders Chase Visitor Centre off the West Bay Road.

Snake Lagoon Hike

Kangaroo Island is home to some of Australia’s best beaches. And situated at the Island’s westernmost inlet lies West Bay. Accessed via West Bay Road 22 kilometers from the Visitor Centre, West Bay offers a pristine beach with water fantastic for fishing and swimming in. And with shipwrecks lying beyond the rugged headlands, West Bay is one of Kangaroo Islands most picturesque spots.

West Bay Lookout