The island is traversed by 1600kms of roads. The majority of roads are unsealed and the ironstone gravel can be very slippery and they are often corrugated. Please drive more slowly on the unsealed roads.

Kangaroo Island also has an abundance of wildlife. Please drive slowly and minimize driving early morning, late afternoon and at night.

To lessen the impact on the environment, please keep to the designated walking paths, tracks, roads and car parks.

To keep dust down and protect the safety of our guests and wildlife we ask that you keep your speed to 10km per hour when driving around the retreat.

When you go hiking, please ensure that you are physically fit enough to do so, wear appropriate clothing and shoes, including a hat. Take plenty of water with you and ensure somebody knows where you are going and an expected time of return. Walk only on designated paths and tracks.

Take time to visit the Visitors Centres and get all the information regarding the parks. You will also need to pay a park fee for entry. You can pay as you go for each of the tours and parks or you can purchase an all-inclusive Kangaroo Island Pass. When walking through the park, stay on established trails and stand well back from cliff edges, there is often loose stones and they can be unstable. Take care when walking on Remarkable Rocks, the rocks are very slippery when wet and the winds can be very strong on the rock.

Avoid bushwalking on days of extreme weather condition.

Do not disturb animals, plants or rocks when walking through the park. You are not to take leaves or flowers from the plants and the rocks as they maybe part of a small animals home. If you find something of interest please do not disturb it and leave it there for others to see.

Remember you are staying in a remote and highly sensitive natural setting, we kindly request that you adhere to the guidelines within the retreat and throughout the island. This is both for your safety and the preservation of a truly remarkable environment.


Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail Multi-Day Walk – Coming Soon

Walking Trail

In Spring 2016 the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail will open and be tourists will be able to tackle the 64.5 kilometer hike.

The Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail is located predominantly in the Flinders Chase National Park on the western end of Kangaroo Island. Flinders Chase National Park is a rugged wilderness featuring iconic landmarks such as the world-famous Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch.

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Retreat will be soon offering packages for people interested in taking part in the walk, so keep checking our website for updates.

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